By Cordelia Strube
I am totally thrilled to have been chosen for the FictionKNITsta tour! When I saw the first tweet by Coteau books announcing the Cross-Canada author tour and putting out a call for knitters, I wondered if I would qualify and thought it was worth a shot, as I’ve been knitting for ages and read whenever I can. Also, a bunch of us twitter gals who love knitting and Canadian literature had already discovered the joys of combining these two passions and had recently formed a knitting book club (appropriately called #canlitknit) where we meet at a pub, drink beer, chat books and knit. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Three of us were chosen to participate and now we are all busily reading and contemplating amazing garments or accessories, inspired by our books.
When I was assigned Cordelia Strube’s book I couldn’t have been happier, as I loved Lemon when I read it last year and was sure I would love Milosz as well. I was right! Although the books are completely different in terms of protagonist and story line, they are both humourous, despite some of the serious themes, and are peopled with interesting, appealing characters. In the current book, many of them actually live in Milosz’s house! There is Wallace, a junk remover, with his very British mother, Vera, and Pablo, who, without ever having spoken Polish before in his life, learns how to communicate with Milosz’s father Gus, who can speak nothing but Polish; and of course, there is Robertson, the boy next door, who is autistic, and who tugs at Milosz’s heart and protective instincts. I enjoyed getting to know Milosz and his eccentric friends and acquaintances, while contemplating the more serious aspects of the book as well.
I will write a review later, but right now I must figure out something to knit for the author to wear on tour, inspired by something in the book, whether a theme, an item of clothing or even the colours of the cover. This will be a fun challenge and I only have a few weeks to come up with a fantastic idea, so I’m off to do some serious creative thinking!

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