Milosz, FictionKNITsta update

Over the weekend I made a few decisions about the FictionKNITsta project. 
After having read the book and thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided a scarf would be the most appropriate thing to knit. Several times in the book, Milosz is found lying down with a scarf on his face; the scarf was left behind by his ex-girlfriend and he lies there with it on his face, as though he is trying to breathe her in. He lifts it up and lets it float back down onto him again, and it is such an evocative image. He misses her terribly but has no clue what to do to bring her back into his life.
So, the item will be a scarf. But what about the colour, the style, the yarn? I chose green because of the many references to growth, plants and gardening, and picked a plant-based yarn for the same reason. Cordelia loves scarves and she is very tall so this will be a super-long scarf to wind around her neck several times or wear very, very long. Since it is a plant fibre, it is very soft and will drape beautifully.
I chose this for the pattern. It is very lacy and open and light, perfect for the Spring tour. It looks complicated but is actually a four-row repeat so should actually be relatively simple to reproduce.(In theory! We'll see—as I've never knitted lace before, this could be interesting!) But I wanted something with a regular pattern because of Robertson, Milo's neighbour who is autistic and needs to see order and patterns in his life.
So, I have the pattern and the yarn. What next? Now to do some swatches with this yarn that I wound last night. It is VERY soft, so I think it will be a challenge to knit with. So, swatch with the good yarn, test the pattern with some scrap yarn, and start the scarf! Wish me luck and I'll keep you posted!


  1. I love your process of choosing what to knit that represents the the book, and your choice of pattern for the knitted object! I think the FictionKNITsta project is wonderfully creative, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone develops. What yarn have you chosen?

  2. Oh, I'm loving this project! My yarn is Araucania Ruca Solid in colour 108, which to me is a light apple green. It does have very slight tonal variations because of being hand-dyed so I'll have to see what happens when I start knitting. It's made from sugar-cane!

  3. Sounds lovely - please do post pictures of the scarf!

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    1. Hi Cristina, I'm quite busy right now but if you want to give me a way of contacting you we could get in touch.