Sharing the Joys of Reading

Recently I was asked to write a guest blog for STELLAA, a charitable organization whose main goal is to promote literacy in Africa by providing books and other educational resources. It was founded in 2007 by volunteers who want to make an impact on literacy, the environment, and poverty in Africa.
In this first guest blog I was given carte blanche for a topic to choose. As an avid reader, former librarian, freelance editor, and seemingly nonstop tweeter and book-blogger, there were so many things I could write about. The question was how to narrow it down to just one thing! I finally chose to write about how much the reading experience can be enhanced when it is shared with other people.
I grew up in a country that provides schooling and assumes (and in fact insists) that we all receive a basic education. Many people probably don’t even think about this very much, because it is simply a fact of life for us. But other places in the world are not as fortunate. This is where charities like STELLAA play such a critical role. They help to provide what we take for granted, to those who are not as lucky. Read more about them on their website: and check out my essay on the joys of reading:

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