Good Harbor

By Anita Diamant

Kathleen and Joyce become good friends over the course of a summer spent in Gloucester, Massachusetts. They take walks along the beach at Good Harbor, a metaphor for the safety and support they feel as they walk and talk there together. Each one is dealing with a crisis of sorts at this point in their lives; Kathleen is facing breast cancer and Joyce is struggling with her marriage and her teenage daughter. Despite their age difference they feel a rapport soon after they meet and spend many hours together, walking, talking, and learning to support each other through their trials.

This book did not completely engage me and I probably would not have finished it were it not for my book club. But it was an interesting session that night and we had quite a lively discussion. The importance of communication, relevance of religion, dealing with grief and fear, were just some of the topics we debated. Much food for thought in this easy read.